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At Sigma Sport, we believe in supporting you on every level.

We have two practitioners, Jo the Massage Therapist and Lisa the Osteopath who are here to assist you whether it’s during training, pre or post-race treatments, injury recovery or injury prevention so you are able to fulfil your personal training goals.

We provide two forms of therapies which we feel are ideally suited for assisting you in meeting your sporting objectives and if necessary, helping recovery from injury. To find out more, click below.

Massage Therapy Treatments

** INTRODUCTORY OFFER - £10 off your first treatment
Call Jo on 07866 700 564 or email to book, mentioning the offer. **

Our massage therapist, Jo, specialises in deep tissue restorative treatments to relieve pain and reduce muscle tension. Massage therapy promotes recovery and helps restore balance. It gives the body a chance to unwind, reduces stress and promotes a sense of well-being.

Jo qualified ten years ago from the Clare Maxwell-Hudson School of Massage, one of the country’s leading massage training centres. Since then, Jo has specialised in Deep Tissue and Remedial massage, attending numerous courses at the JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training. Certificates include Living Anatomy, Working with the Spine, Treating Hip and Pelvis Pain and Treating Leg, Knee and Foot Pain.

Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs whether it be pre-race, post-race or to ease muscle fatigue during intensive training schedules. The treatment is hands-on focusing on warming the area, lengthening tissues and increasing blood flow which brings oxygen and nutrients to help repair damaged tissues.

Treatments also work on a psychological level giving you a chance to relax and unwind. Jo works in a slow and soothing manner to release deep tissue and relieve tension.

Treatments available

30-minute treatments can focus on one specific area and are effective on a superficial level to relieve muscle tension and increase blood flow.

60-minute deep tissue treatments target either the upper back, neck and shoulders or lower back and legs, or can be tailored to focus on the areas that require special attention to relieve pain and improve performance.

90-minute treatments are available for a full body deep tissue restorative massage.

Monday 9:30am - 2:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 12:30pm
Thursday 6pm - 8:30pm
Friday 9:30am - 2:30pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
30 Minute Treatment £30
60 Minute Treatment £55 (Club Affiliates - £45)
90 Minute Treatment £80
Call Jo on 07866 700 564 or email to book

Taking part in an Event?

Massage can enhance your body's performance and help you prepare for specific events

The Sigma Sport Clinic will tailor treatments to your individual requirements. Below is a guide to timings and types of treatments for an individual working towards a specific goal or event.

2-3 weeks before event
Deep-tissue treatment
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Promotes recovery which is essential after intensive training periods
  • Restores balance
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Clients feedback a feeling of 'freshness' and muscles feeling 'lighter' post treatment
1 week before event
Focus on loosening muscle fibres
  • Warming the area to enable superficial fibres to relax and relieve tension
  • Increases blood flow which brings essential nutrients to the tissues
  • Boosts circulation which improves hydration and promotes drainage
  • Increases elasticity which enhances power
Focus on recovery
  • Working over-worked tissues to promote release of tension
  • Improving circulation to bring blood and essential nutrients to damaged areas
  • Providing relaxation to promote well-being


Call Jo on 07866 700 564 or email to book


"I have benefitted greatly from Jo's exceptional level of sports massage treatment to maintain the training volume required competing as a Pro at Ironman distance triathlon. Jo has a comprehensive understanding of soft tissue release techniques and experience to identify individual requirements within each session, invaluable to ensure continuity in training. What I most value about Jo's approach is her level of experience as an athlete, ensuring you don't suffer bruising or excessive painful deep manipulation of muscles and injury sites which impact significantly on recovery and detract from the quality of subsequent training sessions after a treatment. Understanding how to facilitate recovery with sports massage is absolutely essential for anyone serious about their sport, competing at a high level or recovering from injury! I recommend Jo to the athletes I work with as a full-time Professional Triathlon coach. "

Fiona Ford – Founder of Triathlon Europe


"Jo is brilliant at ironing out niggles before they become injuries without leaving you feeling too sore to put in quality training. She delivered me to the Ironman startline in the tip top condition that helped me to nail a PB. A class act.

Zoe Catchpole – Ironman Vichy 2016 in 10.49.05 (AG 7th)


"I see Jo regularly, her treatments are effective at relieving muscle fatigue from intensive training. I find that my muscles feel fresher when I get back in the pool the day after treatment. Jo also works on aches and pains that set in from postural stresses due to my busy workload whether I am travelling a lot or spending long periods of time in front of a laptop.

Paul Button – CEO Mediablaze Group Limited and Masters Swimmer competing at Nationals 2016.

Osteopathy Treatments

Call 07956 954093 or to book
 Cash & cheque payments only please


Lisa Opie MBE, MOst, BSc hons has recently joined our sports clinic at Sigma Sport. She is a qualified osteopath graduating with a Master’s degree at the British School of Osteopathy and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

Lisa was also an international squash player reaching world number 1 and was the first British female in 30 years to win the prestigious British Open, which earned her an MBE in 1995.

Osteopathy is a whole system of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of many dysfunctions of the body. It aims to reduce pain and promote normal healthy function of the body by correcting mechanical imbalances within each individual's neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

Combined with her degree in Sport Injury Rehabilitation from St Mary’s, Lisa is qualified to extend her osteopathic skills to offer musculoskeletal management of your sport specific injuries. Her aim is to facilitate recovery of function and your return to full physical activity.

Osteopathy involves manual techniques including mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue massage and stretching techniques. Lisa is also qualified to incorporate sport taping (kinesiology taping), trigger point needling and cupping. Exercises will also be prescribed if and when appropriate.

More information about Lisa and her treatments can be found on her website:

Operating hours:

Tuesday: 9am - 6pm

Initial consultation & treatment 45-60 mins £60
Follow up appointments 30-45 mins £50
Some pre-arranged club discounts so please enquire. Some insurance company claims accepted ie Aviva, Pru Health, WPA, Cigna. Please check with your insurance company before your appointment.
Cancellation policy (Massage Therapy):
A minimum of a 24-hour cancellation is required or 50% of treatment price is required via bank transfer.
Cancellation policy (Osteopathy):
A minimum of a 24-hour cancellation is required or the full fee will apply.


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