Fit and Find

How to Find Your Size

Measuring height and inseam

Before you begin: 

  1. Find a tape measure and a hard cover book
  2. Ask a friend for assistance
  3. Remove your shoes

First, measure your inseam. 

  1. Stand with your back against the wall
  2. Take the book and push it up into your crotch so that the book is hard against your pubic bone and against the wall behind you
  3. Have your friend mark where the top side (spine) of the book meets the wall
  4. Measure two or three times and write down your average

Second, measure your height. 

  1. Take the book and place it flat on top of your head and up against the wall
  2. Have your friend mark where the bottom side of the book meets the wall
  3. Measure  twice and write down your measurements

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Race or Comfort Fit?

You should select Race Fit if you're looking for a fast reacting race bike with an aggressive position. Alternatively, if you're looking for a long distance, comfort orientated bike you should select Comfort Fit.

Race Fit

Race fit is a more aggressive position placing your torso lower on the bike. 

Comfort Fit

Comfort fit allows for a more upright position on the bike.

Bikes are typically classed as either Race or Comfort fit based on the purpose for which the bike was designed. Occasionally bikes will be classified under both Race Fit and Comfort Fit. This is generally because either the manufacturer has aimed the bike (in terms of function) at both markets, or the bike's geometry is suitable for both positions.

Adjusting Saddle Height

Adjusting Saddle Height

To accurately set your saddle according to the recommended height please make sure you measure from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top side of the saddle.

Fit Rating

Powered by Fit&Find our size recommendation tool incorporates a rating of how well matched the bike frame is to your own body measurements. The rating is based purely on frame geometry. Different models and brands offer up different geometries per frame size and this rating system helps you understand which frames offer the best fit in terms of either Race Fit or Comfort Fit.

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